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Should we Design our Neighborhoods like our College Campuses?

If you Google pictures of “La Defense,” you’ll find glamorous photographs of a beautiful esplanade draped on either side by sleek skyscrapers that look like they belong in New York or London. No, they’re actually found a short subway right … Continue reading

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MSG vs. Penn Station: Why MSG Should STAY

DISCLAIMER: I’m a Knicks fan. Like, a pretty big one. But I did everything I could to keep my often-unrequited fanship out of my opinions that you will see below. I’ll let it out right from the get-go: I’m a … Continue reading

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Planning and Design Takeaways from Madrid

Perhaps it’s obvious, and it’s certainly a shame that it took me so long to realize this, but reading a fantastic planning book prior to and during a trip to a fantastic city really does so much to enhance your … Continue reading

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Design Critique of Pershing Square

In Who’s Your City, urban economist Richard Florida notes a significant result of his Place and Happiness Survey; of five major categories that had a correlation with one’s satisfaction with his or her community, the strongest was aesthetics, ranking more … Continue reading

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